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Zygopetalum Kiwi Geyser





  Learn about orchids at our friendly informative meetings every month. Orchids range from quite easy to grow, to complex & challenging!

   From Phalaenopsis, Paphiopedilum, Miltonia, Oncidium to the exotic Cattleya - there is something for everyone!

   Enjoy our show table of members' blooming orchids & bring along yours for others to admire! We'll help you out and answer your questions.

   Meetings are held on the fourth Sunday of the month.


Beginning Sunday, September 25th, the Kingston Orchid Society will be meeting at its new location:


The Seniors Centre,

Frontenac Room,

56 Francis Street, Portsmouth District,

Kingston, Ontario


Sundays at 1:30 - 4:00 p.m.


The KOS speaker program for the 2016/2017 year

Sept 25, 2016     "Fish Tank Cultureby Gian Frontini

Oct 23, 2016       "High Humidity Environments for Orchids" by Ken Pearce

Nov 27, 2016        "Australian Dendrobiums" by Jean Ikeson

Jan 22, 2017       "Orchid Clinic"

Feb 26, 2017       "Repotting"

March 26, 2017       To Be Announced

April 23, 2017       Orchid Auction

May 28, 2017        Round Table



The KOS speaker program for the 2015/2016 year

Sept 27,2015      
Plant and Media Sale

Oct 25,2015      
  "Displaying Orchids" by Ron Oastler

Nov 22,2015       
"Backbulbs" by Gian
Frontini and Chris Pardy

Jan 24,2016       
"Maximizing Flowering" by Gian

Feb 28,2016       
"How to create greenhouse conditions in a regular home" by Linda Stroud

March 20,2016     
"Repotting Demonstration"

April 24,2016       To Be Announced

May 22,2016       
"Round Table Discussion"



The KOS speaker program for the 2014/2015 year

Sept 28,2014      
AGM Elections and "Orchids from Summer into Winter" by Gian
Frontini & Irena Neverova

Oct 26,2014      
  "A visit to Kew Gardens" by Jacquie Bartnick

Nov 23,2014       
"New Trends in Sarcochilus" (Australian orchid) by Jean Ikeson

Jan 25,2015       
"Observations from the Bunker" by Ken Pearce

Feb 22,2015       
"Orchids and Insects" by Dorothy Young

March 22,2015     
" Zygopetalums"
by Chris Pardy

April 26,2015      
"Culture Meeting"  Three table demonstration and discussion

May 24,2015       
"Spike" by Gian


The KOS speaker program for the 2013/2014 year


 September 22, 2013      "Preparing Plants for Display, Setting Up Award Winning Displays and Judging Plants" by Joyce Medcalf 

 October 27, 2013          Canadian Orchid Congress presentation  by   Irina Neverova  and Mini-sale / Swap of member's plants

  November 24, 2013        25th Anniversary celebration, A history of KOS  by   Nalini Stiemerling 

  January 26, 2014           "The Arcane: A 300 Year Search for the Perfect Potting Media"      by         Gian Frontini

  February 23, 2014         "Growing Under Lights" Kingston Orchid Society members as the presenters!

  March 23, 2014            The Annual KOS Auction and Sale

  April 27, 2014              Annual Repotting Clinic. Also information on new media, mounting orchids, growing Vandas in glass vases, etc

  June 1, 2014               "Odontoglossum and its Hybrids "     by        Mario Ferrusi