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 Vanda cerulea by

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Kingston Orchid Society’s exhibit at Orchidophilia, Ottawa April, 2013

The annual Ottawa orchid show was a colorful event in almost winter-like weather in April. The brilliance of colors, the variety of fragrances and shapes of flowers and the creativity of the displays was dazzling. And it was fun to be part of it. But the long, cool and grey spring did play a trick on our windowsill growers and it wasn’t easy to get plants for the KOS display.

Thanks to Ron Oastler, LaVerne Russell, Lynn Stewart, Gwen Howard, Dorothy Young and Ken Pearce our display had 11 plants. This number determined the display class (6 to 15 plants) we competed in. It was tough to compete with other displays that had 15 excellent plants and as the result we failed to get an award. Nevertheless, we do have great growers and that was proved by 5 ribbons: one First place – Ron Oastler’s cattleya, two Second places – Ron Oastler and Gwen Howard (vanda and potinara, respectively) and two Third places – Lynn Stewart and LaVerne Russell (both phals). Great job on growing wonderful plants!

Gian Frontini was kind enough to drive the plants and the props to the show on Friday and to help with the display set-up. His calligraphy skills were very handy to make the plant labels and the title board for our cute "Snowbirds" inspired display. Not that I knew it would snow in Ottawa on Saturday morning, calling for our nostalgic scene under the southern sun with a garden umbrella and other appropriate accessories, but it definitely was on the dot!

As always it was fun for me to come up with the idea for the display and scout for the props but I would really need more helping hands for the next show. It is not hard at all, just volunteer to be a part of such a joyful and rewarding task.