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Paph Maudiae ‘Claire de Lune’ X Minnie May






 Many of our orchids know precisely when the Show Table is to take place and will only bloom when there is no possibility of participating.

 Some of these fugitives are shown here.

C Candytuft X Sc Beaufort Southwood Cymbidium dayanum Cymbidium Lancelot Grail Paphiopedilum Maudiae Claire de Lune X Minnie May Paphiopedilum Schaetzen Phalaenopsis Costco Phalaenopsis Home Depot Phalaenopsis Loblaws Phalaenopsis Rona Phragepedium Eric Young Phragepedium Sedenii Blush Phragepedium Sedenii 'Blush' Zygopetalum Kiwi Geyser
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